Engaging new donors

What is the “Expanding Community Giving” Initiative? 

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation invited The Community Foundation to be part of a new, national initiative that seeks to engage more people of color in philanthropy and to support nonprofits that serve children of color. The Community Foundation is one of just 27 grantees selected for this national effort, and the only community foundation in the Southeast.

The Initiative seeks to help expand community giving by:

  • Honoring local philanthropists of color who are making a difference in the community (Honorees are active with their own philanthropy through the Foundation and are sharing their own stories of giving);

  • Offering new giving vehicles for people sharing common charitable interests (such as collective giving groups);

  • Providing consultation to selected nonprofits in promoting philanthropy in communities of color (including strategic planning and fundraising);

  • Building capacity of nonprofits to engage donors around issues that disproportionately affect vulnerable children and families; and

  • Expanding awareness of the Community Foundation’s services. 
    (Foundation supporters are hosting events to help spread the word and build relationships.)

Why has The Community Foundation launched “Expanding Community Giving?”

The initiative offers short- and long-term goals that mirror The Community Foundation’s efforts to engage more donors from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Community Foundation has always been committed to embracing the ever-growing diversity in our community. We want to invite more donors and their perspectives into our efforts to be responsive to our entire community. By engaging more varied perspectives, we also will discover many new pathways to community solutions.

The Community Foundation offers a unique opportunity to engage people by connecting them to the causes they care about and to others with similar charitable interests. To this end, we provide opportunities for people to leverage their giving for greater impact.

The initiative helps The Community Foundation expand its capacity and have a more intentional focus on philanthropy within specific communities. In particular, we will work to heighten awareness of our services throughout the community.

We also are developing techniques and giving models that are in line with the unique customs, culture, histories, and philosophies of giving of various cultural groups.

Why is this work important to The Community Foundation?

Too often the perception of who is a philanthropist, or who we think has the ability to give, has been limited to narrow groups. The Community Foundation is enhancing its efforts to operate even more inclusively by further diversifying its pool of fundholders and partners.

This is an opportunity for engaging a broader audience in helping to make our community an even better place to live and work.

What is the impact we are seeking with this work?

We want to ensure that The Community Foundation’s commitment to diversifying its fundholder base is explicit. In addition, we seek a process in which fundholders are engaged authentically and for the long-term.

All of this adds up to one thing: We want to get to know more people and for more people to get to know us – and in doing so, earn their trust to help them carry out their charitable giving for the betterment of greater Greensboro.