women to women GRANT RECIPIENTS

2017: Economic Independence for Women and Their Families

Women to Women requested proposals from organizations seeking funding to address the focus area of economic independence for women and their families for a $210,000 grant ($70,000 per year for three years). United Way’s Family Success Center was chosen for this multi-year grant: 

The Family Success Center utilizes an integrated service delivery approach bringing together collaborative partnerships and anti-poverty supports for mothers and children. The project will deliver case management and human services for 60 women and 90 children starting with mothers obtaining a GED supported with onsite childcare. Further work would focus on employment opportunities to position families on pathways out of generational poverty by improving financial stability over three to five years.  

Women to Women also allocated $72,500 for organizations that sought “planning grants” or grants to support the implementation of innovative programs that address women’s issues in the community and/or inform the selection of future grantmaking topics.

  • $22,033 to Housing Consultant Group - Home Ownership Preparation Financial Training

  • $22,033 to Nehemiah Community Empowerment Center, Inc. - "Phenomenal Women in S.T.E.M." Academy

  • $6,400 to Triad Local First - Women Independent Business Owners Network

  • $22,033 to Women’s Resource Center - Family Economic Success Initiative


2016: Economic Independence, Capacity and Planning Grants for Innovative Programs

Once again, the Women to Women Advisory Council decided to award additional grants this calendar year. The council supported grants that focused on economic independence for women and their families. These projects may include providing operating support to organizations that are working toward systemic change to increase the likelihood of economic self-sufficiency, assisting women in building their capacity to increase income, and promoting an awareness of the issues affecting the economic independence of women and their families. The council also supported planning grants to create, implement, or expand an innovative program that addresses women’s issues in the community. Women to Women granted $70,000 in support for women to these critical local programs:

2015: Economic Independence Grants

In the grain of Women to Women’s passion for philanthropy, the Council has decided to award additional grants this calendar year. Continuing the focus on economic empowerment, $80,000 in support for women went to these critical local programs:

2014-16: YWCA

With an eye toward helping women gain greater economic independence, Women to Women announced its largest – and first multi-year – grant to YWCA Greensboro in support of its Purses to Passion program at the 2014 Celebration Luncheon. This $210,000, three-year commitment will support the program’s efforts to assist women in establishing micro-enterprise businesses, create a loan fund to aid women experiencing some sort of financial crisis that impacts their employability, and address a “living wage” in Greensboro.

For more information on Passion to Purse, click here.

2013: Guilford Child Development

Women to Women focused its grant on programs that use the arts in education. The recipient of Women to Women’s grant in 2013, Guilford Child Development’s Learning ART Together program is a new component of the Learning Together Family Literacy program that is currently underway in partnership with GTCC. A collaboration with Greenhill's ArtQuest program, Learning ART Together empowers immigrant, refugee and minority mothers with a supportive learning environment. In addition, it strives to maintain strong cultural and language bonds while promoting economic development.

For more information on Learning Together, click here.

2012: Family Service of the Piedmont

In December 2012, Women to Women focused its grantmaking on health for women and families. Women to Women awarded a $40,000 grant to Family Service of the Piedmont's Women SOAR program. This program serves women and girls suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders and provides treatment options based on their lifestyle needs.

For more information about Family Service and the Women SOAR program, click here.

2011: The Women's Resource Center

In 2011, Women to Women awarded its grant to the New Choices Program at the Women's Resource Center. This program assists homemakers transition back into the workplace by providing education and training geared towards self-esteem, time management, resume building and interview skills.

New Choices even provides clothing vouchers for program graduates to purchase professional attire that will allow them to project their best during interviews and on the job. In 2010, The Community Foundation spotlighted one New Choices graduate, Trina Pratt. 

For more information on The Women's Resource Center, click here.

2010: The Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation

In 2010, Women to Women made its first grant to the Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Inc. The $25,000 grant helped the organization double the capacity of many of its services.

The foundation was established in 2008 by Portia Shipman on behalf of Sherri's mother, Clara Jackson. Mrs. Jackson wants no other mother to feel the pain of losing a daughter to domestic violence, as she did.

Sherri Jackson was caught in a net with nowhere to run. Too embarrassed and ashamed to ask for help from others, she tried to get out, to get away on her own. However, her estranged boyfriend killed her and buried her body, and for 19 months he hid the remains from everyone who loved Sherri. She was 27 years old and had her whole life ahead of her.

The foundation’s mission is to prevent domestic violence, bringing awareness to the community through education, prevention and intervention programs.

For more information on the Sherri Denese Jackson Foundation, click here.